3 Questions Every First-time Freight Shipper Must Ask About Freight trucking Companies

Freight trucking Companies

If it is going to be your first time freight shipping, whether as an individual or through freight trucking companies, the experience may be a bit scary. It is not like taking a parcel to the post office or calling your local moving company. There are many moving parts involved, and it is natural to find it confusing if it is your first time. To help ease the process and the experience for your sake, here are a few questions you should ask-:

Is the freight shipping costs dependent on the weight of the package?

Unlike shipping a parcel where the cost of the shipment is based on the weight of the parcel, freight shipping is slightly different as the charges are dependent upon the density of the package. The higher the density, the lower the shipping costs.

Will a freight carrier deliver the goods to my home?

Most freight carriers or freight trucking companies will not offer door deliveries unless you contract for additional services. The reason for this is that since shipping freight is a commercial enterprise, most of the freight shipment will be from one loading dock to another, and in case the delivery is in a location without a loading dock, then the delivery will be done to the curb, but with additional accessorial charges. If you need a door delivery, however, there are several residential and commercial shippers who usually go beyond the curb and they could give you some help in such a situation.

Is my pickup date guaranteed?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on the pickup date, but you can always arrange for a precision pickup which you will have to pay extra for. Most of the carriers, however, do not offer precision pickup services, and for those that do offer it, the pricing is on a case-by-case basis.

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