Effective Cost-saving Measures for Freight Shipping in Fall – FTL Trucking

Freight Shipping

Fall happens to be the peak for the freight shipping industry. Everybody is in a rush to have their deliveries made on time, and irrespective of where you are in the supply chain, you will want to have an affordable and reliable carrier to ensure you don’t run into any delays or inconveniences. In order to help you avoid spending unless it’s necessary, and to avoid losing a lot of money during this time of the year, here are a few tips:

Focus on the net cost

Most companies offering FTL trucking services will purport to offer huge discounts around this time of the year so that they can attract clients with large volumes. But your main focus should never shift from the net cost. Big discounts may not necessarily translate into big deals, and even though they may be enticing, before you fall for them, check out and compare what the shipment will cost with different companies when the discounts are factored in.

Know when you should consolidate

If you are dealing with LTL shipments, think about consolidating your orders so that you can opt for FTL trucking services. It is a fact that LTL rates are higher than FTL rates, and consolidating is an awesome avenue to help you realize some serious savings. You should also monitor your shipping patterns so that you can consolidate shipments to same customers that fall within close date ranges.

Be careful with the packaging

It is recommended that your wrap your freight to your pallets to stop them from shifting or sliding during transit. This will save you from costly damages and unnecessary delays. But while you do this, be careful so that you don’t over-pack, since this can increase the weight of the shipment, increasing the overall cost of shipping the goods.

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