Illusion of Control

Elite Logix – I was once told by one of my senior sales staff that brokerage is the “illusion of control” and there’s not a day that goes by that seems more evident to me. As a veteran of logistics, I’ve seen the evolution of the 3PL and the importance we serve in this industry. Freight Transport Like Tim Horton’s, there’s a lot of us out there selling the illusion of control. What separates 3PL’s from an asset based transport company has a variety of positive and negative answers. What separates all, small to large 3PL’s from one another is a little more complex, but we face this question on our sales calls, on a daily basis. How confident are you going to be throwing the word “guaranteed” around when it’s not your truck and driver? transport companies The answer has a long pause followed by a long-winded dancing answer of your confidence and or your so-called tracking technology. We sell the illusion of control through well-trainedstaff; policy and procedures; and/or the small aid our software technology. Ultimately it’s the driver who represents us all and gets the job done. Elite’s origin’s come from an asset based company providing LTL/FTL dry and temp controlled services throughout North America for a decade now. Like any transportation company it’s founded on people who have worked in this industry for decades with the belief that they can own and operate a business by providing better service through experience and technology. As a 3PL, Elite has the appreciation of how much harder an asset based provider works to sustain an operable business and especially in an industry with so many costs driving down your margins. Today we are trying to ask our carriers to download tracking apps on or provide their drivers cell phones numbers for direct contact and updates. Some will agree, but fewer will not.  I’ve been told in my past that if I want to speak to a driver then I should buy a truck and stick a driver in it. My favorite is that the driver doesn’t speak English, but he does have a license? We do our best to work with each other and build on those relationships trucking logistics.

If you were expecting insight on the future of tracking or the next software pitch, then this blog doesn’t have that answer. What I can tell you is that I too sell the illusion of control through experience and advanced worst case scenarios that I run in my head once the customer say go. Ultimately you should teach your 3PL staff not to beat the carrier down in price but to build a partnership of respect. Elite Logix and Elite Freight Lines appreciates the struggles that we all face from an asset based and 3PL point of view while maintaining top level service to our customers. The best 3PL is an asset based 3PL. Call us at – 905 333-0400 or email us at and experience “Service Beyond Expectations”.

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