Why Shippers Should Use Dry Goods Transportation Carriers?

Dry Goods Transportation Carriers

If you are planning to ship your goods to any destination then dry vans will prove to be the right choice. Let us look at a few of the benefits of using these dry vans and important features they have.

Benefits of Dry Goods Transportation Carriers

Protects Your Goods from Theft

In case of dry van shipping, freight claims made to insurance firms is generally lower. This is due to the fact that every shipment remains in a locked container during transit, helping to reduce the risk of theft.

If you book a curtain side or flat deck truck then the shipment remains exposed and can be easily accessed. But, there is no such risk when you book a dry van.

Protects Your Goods from the Elements

A dry van has an enclosed container, which means your goods will be protected from nature’s elements such as snow, wind, or rain during transit.

This becomes especially important when your shipment is for long distance, where the van will be traveling through mountains, several highways, as well as through the prairies.

By selecting a dry van for your shipment you will have the assurance that your goods will reach the destination completely protected and dry.

Capable of Meeting Your Needs

Dry goods transportation carriers have higher availability and these dry vans are capable of hauling as much as 45,000 pounds or about 26 pallets containing items that are non-perishable.

Thus, these vans prove to be the right option whether you are planning to transport clothing items, textiles, building products, plastic, and similar other things.

Multiple Features to Utilize

These dry van carriers provide several features to make use of. Let us look at them here.

  • Super wide dry van trailers with high cube design
  • Provision of satellite tracking
  • Equipment of the latest model
  • Experienced drivers with required HAZMAT AND TWIC credentials

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