Here Are the Top Reasons Why Your Containers May Get Lost At Sea Despite High Freight Shipping Costs


The use of containers has become a standard method of shipping cargo across oceans. Though reliable most of the time, there are certain times when containers get lost, thus causing a lot of disappointment to the owners who might have spent a little fortune in the freight shipping costs. If your shipping container has ever gotten lost at sea, here are some of the top reasons for which it may have happened:

Poor packing

When the containers are packed poorly, or they are inadequately secured, there are higher chances that they will either arrive damaged or will be lost at sea. Sometimes the seas are so rough that some containers will not withstand the turbulence, and will be surely tossed into the waters.

Poor stowage

If the containers are overloaded and not stowed properly, there are chances that some of the containers will suffer structural damages.  The stowage may also collapse, causing the containers fall into the sea.

Structural failures

One of the greatest factors that determine the security of the containers and their contents is their structural integrity. For safety in the shipping process, it is imperative for the containers to be structurally sound, especially at the fittings and the posts. When the ship comes across high sea waves, the containers with weak structures can be easily damaged leading to the loss of their contents into the seas.

Poor lashing

Lashing is one of the ways used to secure the containers and reduce their chances of shifting. Lashing is usually done with straps, wires, cables, and ropes, which are anchored to the containers, before being tensioned against the cargo. If lashing is not done correctly, or weak or compromised lashes are used, then the likelihood of losing the containers at high seas are very high.

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