Your Personal Brand in a 3PL Industry

We all need a pay cheque and bills need to be paid, but did you know that you might be diminishing your reputation as an individual? My advice to everyone in this field or entering it for the first time, is to protect your personal reputation and treat that reputation as your own brand. As big as this industry is, it’s still small enough where we all know each other. With that being said,  If the company you work for does not hold the same core values as yourself or if they have poor business practices, then you’re on a sinking ship of reputation. Once you’ve spent 3 years in this industry, you will notice that customers, service providers  and other colleagues will start to recognize who you are and how you treat people. This is crucial to the growth of your personal brand and your image to others in the 3PL field. Easier said than done Renald, I have bills to pay and the jobs are not out there. I understand that there are variables to everyone’s situation that may bind you to that company, however, you should always conduct business with honesty and integrity. If your employer cannot accept your choice not to move forward with a decision that tarnishes your reputation, then dig your heels in and standby your decision because we all know who you are and we talk.

Continue to network, continue your education through seminars/courses that best suit your directional goals and build a personal brand that is trustworthy and sellable. You don’t have to own a 3PL or a transportation company to be successful in our industry.

Elite Logix and the people we employ are a direct representation of our own personal brands as owners. I look forward to going to work and seeing the positive energy that flows onto our customers and providers.  We value our employees hard work, our colleagues knowledge, our carriers exceptional service and our customers loyalty to build the Elite brand throughout North America. If you’re looking for an asset based 3PL with a positive work environment built, on a business model of proven success, then reach out to Elite Logix at Interview Elite Logix and see if our brand suits yours.

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