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About Us

Elite Logix best freight forwarder company is a privately owned and operated 3PL solution provider serving the evolving transportation industry. We specialize in providing honest, courteous and integrated 3PL solutions to facilitate and handle the FTL trucking and LTL freight needs of our clients. Making the use of latest 3PL logistics processes and technology, we’ve been providing comprehensive 3PL solutions and shipping forwarding for a variety of industries and streamlining their supply chain needs. What sets us apart from others is building and maintaining client loyalty, remaining dedicated to customer satisfaction and treating our asset based partners with utmost respect and professionalism. We’ve a personalized approach towards what we do and that’s our driving force.

Our Team

We have a professional and dynamic team to guarantee fast and efficient freight forwarding services to our clients. With the professionalism of our qualified staff, we will take all the necessary measures to ensure all our clients get outstanding services in the areas of transportation over the road trucking and logistics.

More importantly, every member of our team is a skilled and experienced professional in their areas of operations, therefore, in addition to getting the very best services you will also have highly qualified people working with you through every step of the process.

Solving transportation problems with modern software

As part of automating our services for better delivery, we employ the use of very sophisticated software applications to enable us in managing all areas of our freight forwarding services. We know that as a client, you need trust, reliability and efficiency, and we go to great lengths to ensure that these are exactly what you get with our transportation and logistical services. Some of the features of our solutions include-:

  • Automated digital invoicing
  • Streamlined planning and dispatch
  • Cloud based customer integration
  • Intuitive and simple designs for ease of use
  • Real time goods tracking

Customized Client Services

Being fully aware of the diversity in our clients’ businesses, transportation and logistical needs, we find no pleasure in offering a one-size-fits-all solution to our customers.

Over the past years, Elite Logix has distinguished itself from the rest by keenly listening to our customer’s needs and then offering the most tailored solutions that will lead to efficiency and reliability, while at the same time cutting costs for the client.

In our business we are deeply commitment to always meeting the specific needs of our clients and we will stop at nothing in ensuring that this is done.

Take advantage of our innovative solutions today and experience how easy your freight shipping and logistical needs can be when you deal with the right professionals.


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