Advantages of Appointing Asset Based Logistics Company

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Why Hire an Asset-Based Logistics Company?

Who are asset-based carriers? How do they function? What are the benefits of hiring such a logistics company? We will be looking at answers to these questions in the following sections.

Who Are Asset-Based Carriers?

The good thing about asset-based carriers is that they have their own equipment, ranging from trucksĀ to tools, distribution services, and warehouses. They also work directly with their clients for moving the freight. Let us look at a few of the main benefits of appointing an asset-based carrier.

Why Appoint Asset-Based Logistics Company?

Facilities That are Readily Available

As these carriers are equipped with their own facilities, finding the right storage space will not be a problem for customers. In addition, they are capable of handling diverse supply chain management requirements.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Such a logistics company will not be relying on any kind of outsourcing facilities and as such, will be able to offer cheaper rates to its clients.

Responsibility for Liabilities

Reputed carriers are confident about taking the responsibility for any liabilities that may arise during the handling of the freight. Having the required experience, they will also ensure that there is no careless management while the freight shipping procedure is carried out.

Facilities for Intermodal Support

Many asset-based carriers also function as 3PL and can provide inter-modal support. For a shipper, it becomes a cost-effective option since it is not necessary to appoint separate companies for freight handling and truckload transportation.

Drop and Hook

Such type of shipment is also called drop or power only shipment. The benefit of such shipment lowers dwell time and facilitates the transportation of a higher number of loads in a much more efficient manner. Conventional freight brokers, as well as carriers who function on non-asset basis, do not have the trailer pool that is necessary for operating such a drop network. Thus, by appointing an asset-based carrier for drop loads, it becomes possible to better streamline the shipping procedures.

Better Scalability

Asset-based carriers can better handle additional freight requirements as your company grows. They have the necessary facilities and infrastructure to easily meet any expansion needs you may have.

A Final Note

As we can see, there are several benefits of utilizing services of asset-based carriers and it can mean increased efficiency as well as improved cost-effectiveness. If you want to learn more about asset-based companies in North America, you can contact Elite Logix, a transport company offering logistic and transportation services.