How does COVID-19 impact warehousing?


While more and more businesses have to close because of the virus, some are essential to the survival of the people all around the world. Goods have to be delivered to grocery stores, and the hospitals desperately need their medical supplies. During this time of crisis, it is vital for the companies to order a huge quantity of goods to avoid a shortage of products that could have disastrous consequences. So, in order to help the companies with the orders, warehouse employees have been extremely busy to keep all the products safe. Also, transport companies are doing the best they can to deliver the goods the fastest way possible.

How are deliveries impacted?

Traffic restrictions

The borders all around the world have been closing partially and even completely. Fortunately, the flow of goods is not affected by this. Actually, countries need to keep their stocks up in order to maintain access to groceries and other important supplies. However, specific safety measures have been taken which impact the freight capacities, the rates, the speed of processing operations and delivery time for practically every country in the world.

The air, sea and road freight, as well as railways and customs have had to undergo some changes. Charters flights are now used to adapt the needs on capacities using their space at its maximum, shipping lines are adding surcharges of goods, land transport is subject to more control for products, delays are foreseen for the railways especially at borders and customs have been taking restrictive measures such as delays in processing.

Storage Complications

As a consequence, it now takes more time for the goods to be delivered in countries. But the stocks will arrive in bigger quantities. In order to stock all those goods, warehouse companies are needed more than before. Usually, supply chain managers prefer to keep their stocks in warehouses low. But right now, optimal storage will be put in place. It is forecasted that demands for space and management of goods in the coming weeks could surge to face future problems.

Moreover, as people are following the order of containment to respect social distancing, an increase of e-commerce goods has been anticipated. People can no longer go shopping as often, so the goods will have to be delivered to them. Fortunately, it has also been reported that companies have filled warehouses with inventory stockpiles to go ahead of China’s prices or Brexit related slowdowns, which is good news.

Safety of the Workers

Right now, companies have had to adapt themselves to the situation to make sure that their warehouses can keep up with the high demand for groceries and essential supplies. But the workers’ safety and health are also a top priority. Warehouses have never been so busy, and the employees have been overworking to make sure the demands are respected for food, medical supplies and so much more. To make sure the workers are safe at work, a safety system has been put in place such as a very elaborated sanitizing protocol, social distancing rules and staggered lunch breaks.

But we have to be fully aware that the workforce has limits. The full staff can’t work at the same time, some of the workers are afraid to go to work even if safety measures are in place and with all the travel restrictions it is also complicated to go to work, especially for those who don’t own a car.

Do we Have to Worry about Stock and Deliveries?

As you can see, warehousing right now is in a good spot. Actually, it would be impossible for the companies to stockpile and deliver their products to the clients without the warehouses. It will take more time for the goods to be delivered, but it is not going to stop anytime soon. It is also important to say that employees are working as much and as fast as they can. Right now, any kind of delivery depends on them.

Only one problem may be considered in the future: the lack of space in the warehouses. Every space is being used to store goods and every means to deliver them are being employed. But a lot of companies are going to need them – so, the lack of space may become problematic.

Moreover, as no one can know for sure when the crisis will be over, we can’t help but wonder if there will be a time when warehouses will no longer be able to sustain this kind of work. Specialists are positive that it will never happen. Only delays are to be foreseen. According to them, long period shortages are practically impossible, and this is all we can hope for.  The turnover of goods should always be on time and fully functional.

Who should you Contact to Keep and Deliver your Goods?

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