Food Transportation Companies and Covid-19

Since the beginning of the year, the world has had to face a crisis similar to the Spanish flu, which happened more than a hundred years ago. The world was not prepared to go up against this coronavirus and a global pandemic quickly impacted the world. To control this virus, the entire world has had to shut down and each country had to confine its citizens in order to limit the virus propagation.

However in all of this, the transportation of goods has been impacted as well, which started to create problems for some countries. As people were so afraid to potentially go without food, many went on shopping sprees, and the goods were not delivered fast enough to the supermarkets. Also, with all the restrictions put in place at the borders and in countries, food shipping companies in Montreal, the food transportation companies and the freight forwarding companies have had more trouble to deliver goods as well.

As food is a key element to the population’s survival, it has become essential to be careful with transportation as it can be contaminated by the virus. So, why are extreme measures taken with food transportation? Which transportation company is best to deliver the goods safely to its destination?

Covid-19 and food contamination

It has not been easy for food companies to keep up as usual with demands as it is difficult to keep all the employees who work in food production and supply chains safe. Some health measures had to be followed such as social distancing and lack of workers. In the USA, the food demand exploded. Feeding America, a nationwide association, with 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries in the country has seen an 98% increase in demand of its member banks. The average increase for a member was 63%, while 95% of the association’s food banks reported an increase in operating expenses.

Each company has had to follow rules such as putting in place good hygiene practices, deep cleaning of the workplace, controlling the suppliers and the storage etc. A firm control must be put in place at each stage of the food processing to prevent contamination, which takes a lot of time, and it is also the reason why food delays are increasing. Before the coronavirus, grocery stores filled delivery and pickup orders in hours. Now it’s days. For instance, across Wisconsin stores, the average wait was only 4 hours. It is now about 72 hours.

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According to the WHO (World Health Organization), it is difficult for people to contract the virus just by touching food packaging, but it is important to note that the virus can stay alive more than four days on plastic.  This is why people have to be very careful and wash their hands as often as possible. The good side of it all is that the coronavirus cannot be found in food; they need an animal or a human host to multiply.

To prevent illness in the food companies, workers have to follow some strict rules to keep the supply chain working. It is now imperative that they have proper hand hygiene (washing with soap for twenty seconds), they should use alcohol-based sanitizers, wear masks, use disposable tissues when coughing or sneezing, avoid close contact with the rest of the workers etc.

Moreover, they must also use disposable gloves to handle the food. The gloves must be changed as soon as a worker carries out a non-related food activity like opening/closing doors, emptying the bins etc. The bacteria can settle on the gloves and then contaminate the food packaging.

All these measures are very important to guarantee the safety of the products and also the safety of the food transportation companies.

The challenges with food transportation

In order to avoid the virus to enter business premises, which happens only when an infected person or infected goods are brought into the companies, some extra measures have to be taken by the drivers: they mustn’t leave their trucks during the delivery, they should have hand sanitizers,  disinfectant, paper towels, they have to use their own pen and disinfect their hands before passing documents. Moreover, drivers must respect social distancing while picking up groceries, as well as wear a mask. Also, after each delivery, the containers must be cleaned and frequently disinfected, and the goods have to be separated during the transport if they present a risk of contamination.

Furthermore, drivers must also face the road restrictions at the borders and in their countries, which play a role in the delivery delays.

Which company should you use for the food transportation?

In order to have all your goods properly delivered, it is very important to choose the best food transportation company. If you don’t know any, Elite Logix is considered to be one of the best food transportation companies in Canada.

Their trucks are equipped with temperature control features which allow these food truck refrigerators to easily and safely transport food items in a region, as well as across the borders. These trucks also have others features important for the delivery of goods:

  • The trailers have aluminum floors
  • Protocols are put in place for a safe loading and delivery
  • The temperature adjusts according to the delivery time, but it is also possible to set the temperature manually
  • The trucks have collision avoidance technology to respect the security distances with other vehicles
  • They have electronic stability to protect the goods, avoid rollovers and accidents
  • A strong seal is provided to ensure the goods remain safe during transit
  • The capacity is used to its maximum to not waste any opportunity to stock more goods

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In conclusion, it is important to know that as long as the coronavirus will be present in our everyday life, these safe measures are going to be followed in order to avoid any contamination.  As these measures and restrictions will have an impact on all means of transportation for a very long time, it is very important that the companies adapt to the situation.

So, the food chain suppliers have to choose the best food transportation companies to ensure the quick and safe delivery of goods. At this time, and for those that don’t do it already, they should contact transportation companies using trucks. With all the advanced technology put in place, they have become a key element in food transportation. Your goods couldn’t be in safer or more capable hands!

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