How to Reduce the Cost of your Food Transport?

Do you want to reduce the expense of food transportation ? Are you unsure how to optimize costs effectively? If you are facing these problems then the details we will be providing here will help to optimize your expenditures.

How to Reduce Expenditures in Food Transportation

Tip #1: Avoid Relying on a Single Mode of Transportation

Food transportation companies need to become more adaptable and flexible when selecting modes of transportation. This way you will be able to significantly offset the expenses of food transportation. For instance, shipment by sea is considerably cheaper than air transport, but the extra time it takes may well reduce the sales you are able to make.
Inter-modal transport is another option to consider. To illustrate, you can combine a food truck refrigerator with rail transportation to reduce your costs while at the same time delivering on or before a set deadline. And if the buyer only needs a part of the shipment urgently, then that part of the freight can be expedited while cheaper transportation options can be used for the rest of the shipment. This way you will be able to considerably reduce your cost.

Tip #2: Use Shipping Consolidation

If you are transporting lower weights, or if less than truckload is needed, then LTL, is an option to consider. It is shown to be cheaper than the other available options. However, if it’s possible to consolidate different shipments from separate buyers, then you will be able to utilize FTL or full load shipping and further reduce costs.

Tip #3: Explore Warehousing Options

If your food transportation involves shipping items from point A to point B over long distances you need to consider warehousing the products closer to end users. This will help you in significantly lowering your transportation cost.
However, you will have to keep note of different considerations before selecting any warehousing options, right from safety to security of items that are being transported.

Tip #4: Use Automation

Using automation can help freight forwarding companies minimize product damages, reduce labour costs, and improve productivity. This automation may be in the form of automatic loading and/or unloading containers.

Tip #5: Focus on Preventative Maintenance

The cost of food transport can be significantly reduced by food shipping companies in Montreal by focusing on preventive maintenance. Furthermore, breakdown or emergency maintenance does not always provide desired results. For example, if equipment breaks down during working hours it can prove to be quite expensive to repair quickly and may result in a serious or fatal accident.


The five tips provided above have probably given you some ideas as to how you can effectively reduce your food transportation costs. If you implement these tips it will certainly help you in optimizing the logistical aspects of food transportation. If you want to know more about how to reduce costs then give us a call and our experts will provide useful tips.