What to watch for when importing from China?

importing from China

If you are planning to import goods from China then it is important to understand all the details and legalities before moving ahead with your plans. This preparation will help optimize your costs, avoid legal issues, deal with local freight companies, and reduce unnecessary delays during the import process. In the following sections we will look at some of the important points you need to keep note of while importing goods from China to avoid likely pitfalls.

Aspects to Check While Importing from China

Check the Rules

It can happen that a Chinese supplier does not comply with certain regulations while manufacturing products. Thus, before importing, it’s important to determine the regulations of the products you want to import from China.

Work with the Right Supplier

As an importer you will have the sole responsibility for the products being imported.  As such, if there are compliance irregularities then it can result in legal issues. By working with a reputable supplier you will be able to reduce this kind of risk.

In addition, if the supplier is not good and provides you with an incorrect or false certificate then it is likely that your products will get held up and blocked at customs. If such a thing happens then it will increase your expenditure as well as lead to logistical problems with respect to delays and storage.

Thus, you need to perform thorough verification before trusting any particular supplier and make sure that the supplier fully complies with prevalent rules and regulations.

Prepare a Strong Sales Contract

You need to create a strong sales contract that clearly specifies all the details. For instance, the contract should mention details related to the product’s specifications, compensation and return conditions in case the product does not adhere to the agreement.

In addition, there should be a document that clearly defines product specifications. The document should be detailed so that no subjective interpretation can be made about the product.

For example, if the document is referring to the product’s colors, like the pantone color, then you need to define what would be considered a pantone color. Similarly, when mentioning details of the materials, mention texture, composition, densities, etc. Your aim should be to ensure that no characteristic or aspect of the product remains unspecified.

Few of the other details related to product specifications that you must elaborate on in the sales contract include acceptable variations in the product, its weight, details of packaging, dimensions of the product, texture, material, printing, color, logos, labeling, chemical treatments, technical features, customization, etc.

Lastly, you should also specify details that are to be looked into when the product is ready for shipping through FTL trucking and full truckload carriers. For example, there should be elaborate information about the type of pallets that are to be used, information on the palletizing process, quality as well as quantity of cardboard being used, lamination, etc.

As we can see from the above details, you need to tread cautiously when importing anything from China. By doing your own research and analyzing all the details you will be able to make the whole process a lot easier.