Full Truckload Carriers
By admin / July 3, 2018

A Closer Look into Various Guidelines to be Followed by Full Truckload Carriers

There are different guidelines to be followed by full truckload carriers with respect to how the shipment is loaded, secured,...

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Cargo Insurance
By admin / June 16, 2018

Why You Should Get Cargo Insurance Every Time You Ship

If you are fond of using the services of freight trucking companies, but you never insure your cargo, then your...

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Freight trucking Companies
By admin / June 13, 2018

3 Questions Every First-time Freight Shipper Must Ask About Freight trucking Companies

If it is going to be your first time freight shipping, whether as an individual or through freight trucking companies,...

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By admin / June 10, 2018

Here Are the Top Reasons Why Your Containers May Get Lost At Sea Despite High Freight Shipping Costs

The use of containers has become a standard method of shipping cargo across oceans. Though reliable most of the time,...

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Ocean Freight Shipping
By admin / June 7, 2018

4 Tips to Lower Your Ocean Freight Shipping Costs

If you ship consistently, then you know that freight shipping costs can sometimes go through the roof and if you...

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Freight Trucking Company
By admin / June 4, 2018

How to Choose Freight Trucking Company like a Pro

When you are in the market shopping for a freight trucking company, your desire should be to find the best. ...

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Ocean Freight
By admin / June 1, 2018

Here are Top Factors Affecting Ocean Freight Shipping Quotes

Have you ever wondered why you pay top rates for you freight shipping costs or why sometimes, the rates keep...

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By admin / April 4, 2017

Your Personal Brand in a 3PL Industry

We all need a pay cheque and bills need to be paid, but did you know that you might be diminishing your reputation as an individual? My advice to everyone in this field or entering it for the first time, is to protect your personal reputation and treat that reputation as your own brand. As big as this industry is, it’s still small enough where we all know each other.

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By admin / April 4, 2017

Illusion of Control

Elite Logix – I was once told by one of my senior sales staff that brokerage is the “illusion of control” and there’s not a day that goes by that seems more evident to me. As a veteran of logistics, I’ve seen the evolution of the 3PL and the importance we serve in this industry. Freight Transport Like Tim Horton’s, there’s a lot of us out there selling the illusion of control.

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