Delivery of quality services

Selling quality products and services is one thing, but getting them to the consumer is another. If you run a business, a factory, or even an e-shop, this is no surprise. User experience is essential to ensure that a new customer purchases the items in their cart. This also encourages previous buyers to return to buy. People who buy can be quite picky about the delivery process, so it is essential to simplify it.

As a merchant, you may have a daily obsession with acquiring new customers. You explore new markets, design original products, create beautiful advertisements… But have you ever thought that your revenue could increase simply by improving your last mile delivery processes?

When shopping, your customers are not just looking for a product, they also want to have the best shopping experience possible, that is:

  • Delivery methods that adapt to their lifestyle;
  • Shipment tracking that is available when and where they want it;
  • An easy return process.

By optimizing the logistics process from order preparation to return management, you can save time and money. Remember that food transport is a key factor in your company’s success: the better you ship your parcels, the more satisfied customers will be with you.

How to optimize the delivery process?

Send your parcels online

The shipping process is always time consuming and expensive when you have an online store. However, there are solutions to simplify your parcel shipments and save you time and money on a daily basis. Online scamming is common, and people are starting to have less and less confidence in E-merchants. Trust remains key.

How are you going to buy time?

You probably spend a lot of time printing shipping labels, pasting them onto boxes and preparing packages for shipping. Many time-consuming tasks are an integral part of shipping when processes are handled manually.

However, your time would be better used to expand the sales of your online store. Have you thought about automating your shipping process?

You can implement solutions that automatically process your incoming orders from a single dashboard. Prepare shipping labels with one click without leaving the back of your store. After printing on sticker paper, you are ready to prepare your parcels.

How are you going to save money?

You now know how to reduce time-consuming tasks by automating your shipping processes, but did you know that you can also save money?

You can save up to 30% on shipping costs by using external solutions. You win by every measure. Your time is now dedicated to high value tasks instead of worrying about delivery while benefiting from reduced rates.

Define Auto Ship Rules

E-consumers have become accustomed to having packages delivered when and where they want. The fault lies with the big brands, which are trying by all means to increase their market share in the e-commerce sector.

How to buy more time

Automatic shipping rules allow you to suggest the best carriers based on your customer’s order. You don’t waste any more time setting the shipping conditions for each order as everything is automatic.

How to save more money

Did you know that almost 70% of visitors will leave your store if you don’t offer enough delivery options? This is a real loss of traffic to your store and your conversion rate.

By combining a wide range of shipping methods and carriers, you are sure to satisfy your customers and save money. Automatic shipping rules allow you to offer the ideal payment and save time at the same time.

Delivery costs

Deciding how you define your shipping costs is one way to determine the right approach to the shipping process. There are several ways to do this, but make sure your choice is based on your company’s financial needs.

Free shipping: Free shipping is one of the best ways to encourage customers to continue shopping. Obviously, the shipping costs will be at your expense and you will have different options if you choose this method. This includes raising the price of your products to cover shipping costs, and eventually the consumer will have to pay.

Another option is to cover shipping costs from your margin. Finally, you can offer some customers a code that will allow them to benefit from a discount on shipping costs. Again, the choice of how to do this will depend on the price of your products, your target audience, and your budget.

Shipping costs: Charging the same fees as the actual food shipping company to deliver your products is another effective method. Most e-commerce platforms offer the possibility of using this method with different carriers. Customers can thus use the current prices and at the same time choose the delivery time and the price themselves.

This can include offering a thank you letter with products, incentives or discount codes to use in future purchases, or providing the customer with a return label if they aren’t satisfied with the item, etc. This may seem trivial, but these small things help to provide a memorable customer experience and encourage customers to return.