Safe and Reliable Transportation

Full Truckload Carriers

There are several advantages of dealing with a professional FTL carrier in lieu of an LTL carrier. The primary advantage is that your freight is only handled once by the shipper and receiver. LTL carriers utilize breakbulk terminals or cross docking facilities when handling your goods from origin point to destination. Thus, increasing your chance of lost or damaged goods.

Full Truckload Carriers specialize in shipping specific freight commodities. For example, some carriers will mainly transport perishable goods, while others will specialize in dangerous goods transportation. Thus, safety of the freight is maintained to a high level, and there is limited risk of damage or loss. Goods are directly shipped to the destination and it takes comparatively less time to get the goods delivered to the right place.

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Full Truckload Carriers in the Logistics Industry

We, at Elite Logix, are well-versed in the transportation and logistics industry. We strive to deliver more just quality in our services. A long-lasting relationship, the best value to your money and mostly importantly peace-of-mind to meet your freight shipping requirements.

If you need a reliable transportation solution for your goods, allow us the opportunity to show you the difference our level of service and responsiveness.

Elite Logix is a professional full truckload carrier and knows the industry very well. An advantage of moving with a Full Truckload Carrier is that the freight is not handled crossed or transloaded; it is secured enroute directly to its destination. Unlike LTL (less than truckload), shipment, it is not transported into different trailers on route to its destinations. Elite Logix Inc. makes clear and concise instructions for both its asset based division and its partner carriers, and makes sure the freight is handled correctly the first time, every time. We advise our carriers with written instruction and make sure they understand the importance of how each shipment is to be handled. Whether dry, flatbed, over dimensional, or refrigerated, freight is secured at all times with straps loading bars. braces and/or ties.

Full Truckload Carriers specialize in shipping specific kinds of freight. From example, some carriers will mainly transport foods or other perishable items while some will carry poisonous and hazardous materials. Elite Logix Inc., is capable of handling any shipment from food grade products to hazardous materials.

Our experienced solutions specialists know, that safety of each consignment is to be maintained at highest levels, so there is no risk of damage to the freight due to a variety of shipments.

Since goods are directly shipped to its destination, it takes comparatively less time to get the goods delivered to its place. With competitive rates and quicker transit times, Elite Logix Inc., is the leader in today’s freight industry.

We, at Elite Logix Inc., a fast emerging leader in transportation and logistics industry, strive to deliver more than just quality of service. At Elite Logix Inc., we build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We walk them thorough the most cost effective way of moving their shipments. Most importantly, we deliver peace-of-mind, by taking our customers shipment worries, while they do what they are best at doing, and that is adding more business to their title. No wonder why more shippers and receivers are calling Elite Logix Inc., to haul their product for them. If you are in need of a reliable, dependable and trust worthy transportation partner. Look no further, Elite Logix Inc., is the only solution to your freight problems, we can handle any transportation need under one roof!.