Container Shipping Company that Offers Customized Solutions

Elite Logix – A fast emerged trusted name in container trucking services

Over a short span of time, Elite Logix has established itself among the top container service providers that have set the quality benchmark at international level. Since its foundation, it has successfully and steadily marched towards delivering world-class unrivalled services. As a leading freight forwarding company, we have an established fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles that have huge carrying capacity, covering a wide range of routes. Our expertise & experience coupled with unrivalled local knowledge provides you complete peace of mind.

We have a team of trained and experienced professionals who work in the tandem with your business. This gives us an ability to provide you customized services.

If you are looking for a container drayage provider to help you distribute your cargo to the required destination, we would love to hear from you. We take pride to meet your needs.