Top 3 Benefits of Both LTL Freight and FTL Trucking

What Are The Advantages of LTL Freight and FTL Trucking?

Wondering which option to choose between LTL Freight and FTL Trucking? The details we provide in the following sections will help you clearly understand the advantages of both options and teach you to select the most appropriate one as per your shipping requirement.

Top Advantages of LTL Freight and FTL Trucking


LTL Freight

When the need arises to send a shipment consisting of smaller freight, LTL is the right choice. A few of the main advantages of LTL Freight are mentioned here:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: With LTL Freight, your shipment covers a significantly lower percentage of the total shipment and as such, you will pay less than the alternative. The total expenditure gets split among all the shippers and helps to provide everyone with better cost-effectiveness.
  • Greater Flexibility: It is a more flexible option for sending smaller shipments to different locations, making LTL Freight the ideal choice. Moreover, you can consolidate multiple small consignments and create a single load.
  • Varied Options: With LTL Freight, there are multiple options to select from such as lift gate, inside pickup, etc.


FTL Trucking

With FTL Trucking, the whole shipment space is used by a single shipper. There are multiple advantages of using this type of trucking, which we will look into in this section.

  • Suitable for Bigger Shipments: The shipper gets the opportunity to utilize the total space provided by the carrier. If you are planning to ship fragile and delicate items, then FTL Trucking is the best option for you. The main advantage of FTL Trucking is that the consignment is not shifted during transit, meaning there are fewer chances of damage to the consignment while it is being transported.
  • Hassle-Free Shipment: At the time freight is being shipped, everything remains in the same truck during its journey, and repacking or switching is not required. In addition, the complete shipment is transported from source to destination without requiring midway housing or shift in hands. Lastly, the whole shipment process takes considerably less time as the freight experiences zero stoppages.
  • Meets FTL Requirement: It is considered the ideal choice if ten or more pallets need to be shipped. Full truckload, or FTL, is measured by the weight or space requirement of the shipment. If your consignment meets these requirements, then FTL Trucking will be the ideal option for you.



Apart from the above details, you will have to consider the freight’s dimensions, classification, allotted shipment time frame, allocated budget, and other similar particularities to decide which type of trucking is right for you.

This way, you will be able to avoid problems such as shipment delays, spoilage (in case perishable items are being shipped), and serious damage (if high value and fragile items are present in the shipment).