Warehouse company

3PL Warehouse and Logistics Company that Streamlines Your Supply Chain Needs

Eliminate warehouse related overhead, and reduce transaction costs, all while we optimize your supply chain goals.Whether you require short-term storage, or long-term pick and pack projects, Elite Logix will build a competitive advantage for your business.

  •  Cross dock
  •  Short or long-term storage
  •  Pick and pack
  •  Customized crating or palletizing
  •  Consolidation/distribution
  •  Fulfilment solutions
  •  Reverse Logistics

Elite Logix Inc. offers customized warehousing solutions for a vast variety of Canadian clients and businesses. Unlike other 3PL Logistics and Warehouse Companies, we provide location flexibility, pick and pack services throughout the state, as well as the most overall cost efficient warehouse and logistics solutions. Reduce your distribution costs, save time and boost the flexibility and responsiveness of your business by putting your warehousing needs in our hands.

Fulfillment Services

We specialize in high-volume pick and pack services, warehouse cross docking and order fulfillment services Canada. Elite Logix Inc., has been providing responsive order fulfillment services by picking, packing and dispatching individual and bulk orders for customers. We design the most efficient pick paths to ensure that you have reduced labor costs for pick and pack fulfillment. Our warehousing facility is capable of handling a wide range of product types. Our warehouses also deal with entire process involved with handling of returned goods and products for your customers.

Reverse Logistics

When it comes to managing with potentially thousands of vendors and returns, companies face a big challenge. For maximum profit, there should be unmatched strength in every link of their supply chain including receiving goods from their final destination for disposal or recapturing value. To fulfill this purpose, companies need an experienced partner that knows it’s in and outs of reverse logistics as it provides customized solutions for their needs and generates maximum recovery. As a reputable reverse logistic company, we get you covered and create automated processes to effectively process return products for our customers.

Cross Dock Facility

We offer value added, flexible and fully-functional cross docking solutions to enhance transportation services we offer in Canada. To maintain our customer’s cold chain requirements, we have temperature-controlled, cross dock facility. Keep your goods moving quickly and safely through order fulfillment channels. Provide your customers shorter delivery times and reduce distribution costs even when they’re not geographically close to manufacturer supplies.

We understand that it is costly for our clients to handle day to day warehouse and logistic errors and so, we help you avoid them. Save your time and money, and focus on your company’s core competencies. Our facilities are monitored around the clock and armed with modern security systems. Whether your storage or distribution needs are cross-dock shipping, short term or long term storage, give us the opportunity to access you on your distribution and warehousing needs. Rest assured that you’ll get uncompromised security of your goods without having to say a word. We know what your product is worth to you.

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