What to Expect from National Freight Services

Freight is the movement of commercial elements from one area to another using various modes of transport and infrastructure in a timely manner while keeping the merchandise intact.

This is a very dynamic area and part of a complex set of infrastructures. The transport of goods is possible only if there are means of communication (road, rail, etc.), means of transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another, storage options, means of transport to convenient and inhabited locations (ports, airports, car parks, etc.) and finally, the necessary structures to overcome natural obstacles (bridges, tunnels, etc.). There are two forms of freight: freight for one’s own account and transport for a third party account. Own account transport is the transport of own goods or goods for which the person is responsible through his company (vehicle and driver), while third party transportation or public transportation means the transportation by one’s own vehicle or by a contracted vehicle of the property of others.

What are the different modes of transport?

There are many methods of shipping goods. Thus, the transport of national goods can be done by road, sea, air, river or rail.

Depending on the mode of transport chosen by the company, the chosen mode of transport can meet different transport requirements.This may include a time limit, distance traveled, or a maximum CO2 emission limit. In particular, this last point is a fundamental factor, because for international transport sustainable development is a serious issue. Thus, the choice of a particular mode of transport is above all an answer to a particular problem.

As a result, each mode has its strengths and weaknesses. Road traffic is flexible but limited in distance traveled. Rail transport is fast and reliable, but it is slower than air transport and does not reach certain destinations. At the same time, air transport, although fast, is costly and a major source of CO2 emissions.

No mode of transportation has all the advantages. That’s why we have multimodal transportation, which is a combination of those different solutions.

In all cases, road freight remains one of the cornerstones of logistics. In fact, to take goods on board a plane or a port, it must first be transported by road.

What are the regulations on freight transport?

The complexity of  freight shipping services requires legislation covering all aspects of freight transport. This law can be very complicated. Therefore, in order to be able to carry out your activities legally, it is necessary to be well-informed before proceeding with the transport.

Transport of goods by road

For the road network, a distinction is made between heavy and light freight. To be an actor in these two transports, you must have sufficient transport capacity.

Whether it is a large small package or not, the national shipping company is above all an efficient and fast service. The prices are well-considered and it is easy to choose a national shipping company. The national shipping company will deliver to your desired destination, and at a lesser cost than you may expect.

The national carrier handles the transportation of pallets, mail and corporate documents, freight and parcels. The national carrier offers its services to individuals and professionals. To ensure its work, this national carrier has equipped itself with efficient equipment and adapted vehicles.

Why use national transport?

Before sending a package to Canadian territory, it is important that you know how much the transportation service will cost you in order to prepare the necessary budget.

In addition, using a cheap domestic carrier will save you a lot of money as it offers one of the lowest fares in the market.

Express Delivery

For parcels requiring urgent delivery, expedite the delivery of packages within the desired timeframe. Express shipping is not only fast in cases of express delivery, but also reliable for logistics solutions by ensuring that the package in question is delivered to the recipient in a timely manner.

In general, trucking is available for customers to submit their items, if it is national transportation. Notwithstanding this, highway freight will be discussed with the organization that manages your shipment.

This type of transport is provided by transport companies specialized in this field. With the services of these road companies, they have medium transport and logistics solutions suitable for any type of shipment.

Regarding the price of the parcel, everything depends on the weight, volume and distance traveled. They can ship anywhere in Canada. Express packages deliver quickly anywhere, within the limits of possible conditions.

Rail transport as another means of national freight transport

Rail transport is a type of transport provided by the railway. It can also be faster and less polluting than other means of transport. Rail freight also uses containers that can be transported on several cars over long distances.

As mentioned above, the only negative aspect of this national mode of transportation remains its inaccessibility to certain hard-to-reach regions of Canada, such as mountainous regions or remote northern regions.


Freight shipping services require above all else to clearly define their scope of activities in order to choose the right partner and service provider, and especially its most appropriate means of transport.

Each means of transport and each company has its own peculiarities and specific problems. It sounds complicated at first, but using the right tools and building the right partnerships can be wholly positive.