The Best Third Party Logistics Companies (3PL)

The Third Party Logistics (3PL) will allow companies to automate services: warehousing, order management and inventory, but it will not stop there since it will even provide solutions of international expertise to process multiple orders.

New technology and quality customer support

Advanced technology

To automate tedious tasks and reduce manual work throughout the supply chain, companies are using new and advanced technologies.
This approach aims to give your company the opportunity to monitor everything in one place and also to have full visibility on the supply chain. Note that this technology must integrate easily with your technology.

Customer service

The best companies take into account a basic but essential factor, and that is customer support. It is at the heart of their concerns, it is very important to be as reactive as possible to inform them, and best meet their expectations and needs.

When companies provide customer service to help and support customers in difficulty, customers feel understood and appreciated, which increases brand awareness, company image and customer loyalty.

How to choose the right third party logistics company (3PL) for your business in Canada

A third party logistics company or 3PL is the one that will handle the execution of your orders and everything related to your logistics. However, its scope includes inventory, storage, packaging and delivery.

What is a good 3PL third party logistics company in Canada?

Third-party logistics companies provide end-to-end quality service to the entire supply chain process, which will also adapt to your trade activity of all kinds.

A good 3PL should also provide you with reliable tracking service and quality customer support, plus, their innovative new technologies should allow you to have real-time tracking throughout the supply chain and allow, as seen above, fast and efficient shipping.

What distinguishes a 3PL from another is the approach it will take vis-à-vis your company, it must be able to take charge of any type of company and of any size.

Our analysis of the best 3PL leads us into finer details such as prices, features, offers and delivery times. All of these are very important when it comes to choosing the best partner for your business.

What is the best 3PL logistics company for my company?

The best 3PL logistics companies all have at least the following criteria: to provide a standard set of services (integrating warehousing, distribution, transportation, etc.), to provide an online technology platform offering visibility, status updates and all in real time. Then, complete and ship customer orders quickly, securely and accurately to build loyalty. However, the company is just for your service and will adapt to your needs and resources, always looking to optimize the service.

E-commerce and the evolution of logistics

Like the logistics market and any other market, the e-commerce market has also evolved. In order to better adapt to the development and growth of this market, third party logistics companies (3PL) have developed and also delivered them, moving from simple freight routing to real partners in supply chain management.

Today more than ever, direct-to-consumer brands rely on 3PL, offering reliable order processing, fast shipping and real-time tracking solutions.

What Services do 3PLs provide?

A 3PL manages all e-commerce logistics, including:

  • Receiving and storage: checking and quality control of receiving and storage spaces to adapt to fluctuations in the activity of the turnover;
  • Prepare, package and ship orders: track orders, provide different box sizes to protect products and reduce shipping costs, and ensure efficient delivery;
  • Inventory management and returns: sell pre-existing products and ensure good after-sales service.

3PL provides other services related to e-commerce logistics. However, we will talk about their three main activities in this article.

When to hire a logistics professional

You are:

  • A merchant with an independent warehouse of his stores;
  • A growing producer;
  • A startup that sells exclusively online.

And that:

  • You deliver more than 10 orders per day;
  • You plan to equip yourself with new technology or a new warehouse;
  • You no longer wish to manage your online activity internally;
  • You have a finished product or a product requiring minimal processing;
  • You often sell products that are not in stock, or choose defective products that harm your reputation because you do not have inventory management software.

How do I choose your 3PL service provider in Canada?

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing your logistics provider:

Prices: the rates charged by the logistics providers applicable according to the type of freight, the urgency of the shipment and the destination.

Adaptability: You need to assess your logistics provider’s ability to adapt to your logistics needs. A high level of responsiveness to increased activity is key to the company’s sustainable growth.

Technology: Rely on logistics providers who rely on technology and automation to execute their processes, whether it’s warehousing or order preparation and shipping.

Reputation: Your 3PL supplier references must be excellent. It is important that it has good financial stability while providing efficient service.

Choosing the right 3PL provider is crucial for the future of your business. That is why it is fundamental to evaluate all the parameters, instead of relying solely on the best commercial offer.