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The international shipping of items is difficult enough. If you face short deadlines between the shipping of your sensitive materials and trade show events, it can turn into a nightmare. When you entrust Elite Logix Inc. with your international transportation needs, you get the most knowledgeable help in the industry. When you need international transportation for an upcoming trade show, call us and let our experienced logistic experts assist you during the process. Get your goods shipped safely, on time, and stress-free with Elite Logix Inc.

A Trustworthy Logistics Company

Elite Logix Inc. is a company that offers logistics, warehousing, and trucking services. We want to make sure that your transportation and logistics needs are satisfied. We have built an excellent reputation over the years for providing fast and seamless solutions for our customers worldwide. The driving force has been our business pillars of flexibility, reliability, trust, commitment, and passion.

Freight Transportation Services

Elite Logix Inc. is a leading logistics company that goes above and beyond in providing global transportation solutions that help its customers compete and gain an edge in today’s market. Our customers’ success is the result of our collective efforts to use the latest technology, highly trained solutions experts, and our warehouse management team. By using these resources, we keep our customers on the path to success.

Ocean freight services: Elite Logix Inc. is your trusted source for ocean freight trade show services. We regularly serve destinations around the world. No matter where your trade show is located, ocean freight is usually the most economical option for shipping your items. We have designed our ocean freight services specifically for you. We work with you before starting the whole process so you understand exactly where your goods will arrive as well as the estimated time to reach your destination. We are aware of how difficult ocean shipping can be. That’s why we stay connected with our suppliers to ensure that you are kept informed and receive progress reports during the entire process.

Road Transportation Services: Accurate and reliable performance delivered with measurable results. Elite Logix Inc. Customers optimize their trucking needs and improve their overall efficiency with a multitude of trailer types and service options available. Being an asset-based broker – we have the ability to track your tradeshow freight in real-time. Ensuring your shipment is on time for set-up.

The extensive experience of Elite Logix Inc. in controlled temperature freight makes them an ideal partner to ship your temperature-sensitive items. We are specialized in temperature-controlled transportation and employ modern heating and cooling units to ensure that your freight arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

We distribute a wide range of temperature-sensitive products, from fresh produce to pharmaceuticals and refrigerated frozen goods. We keep your cargo safe and at the proper temperature. We have experienced and responsible drivers who run a modern fleet of high-quality and well-maintained equipment. Our skilled drivers ensure that your hot, cold, frozen or fresh freight arrives on time and without incident. We are a trusted force for road freight trade show services.

Air freight services: Elite Logix Inc. provides international and domestic air freight shipments and offers customized freight solutions. If you need a professional air freight company in Toronto, consider Elite Logix Inc. to fulfill your expectations. Your shipments will be handled by our expedited and solution specialist’s as time becomes critical. Therefore, if you need your shipment to get to its final destination quickly, you can rely on the expertise of Elite Logix Inc Team to meet your delivery deadlines.

Transportation Issues


During management and the constant communication, a common problem that arises is the loss of documents while traveling and errors during implementation. The main solution to this problem is digitization. Receiving or sending documents online, as well as speeding up the work, can prevent loss, as everything is recorded and saved.

Transportation Delays:

The road transport sector consists of a very high percentage of small companies and generally employs carriers. To avoid inconveniences and ensure that your goods arrive at their destination on time, an ideal solution is to work with an asset-based broker.

Damage & Prevention

With the right packaging (a box whose dimensions are adapted to the products), you will avoid breakage and theft, while optimizing your transport costs. Organizing the logistics of the shipment also involves optimizing the packaging and the material used. It is rare for shippers to cause problems during shipping, but it is often they are ones who pay for them, so it is wise to take care of the packaging from the beginning. It’s necessary to apply preventive measures in securing and packing freight the rigours of transportation

Elite Logix Is a Company You Can Trust

There are tons of trade shows around the globe to choose from. While many companies spend time and money traveling and creating booths, they don’t spend resources researching shows and setting goals. Many critical problems can arise if a trade show timeline is missed.

Elite Logix ensures that the money you invested in a trade show booth will not be wasted because your freight and exhibit materials failed to arrive on time. We are an expedited transportation company that cares about your business success!

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Elite Logix has decades of experience and is your partner of choice when it comes to your trade show logistics requirements. Our professional team can solve your international and domestic issues. Our team provides the right support to offer you peace of mind and ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination. Contact us today to find out how our solutions specialists can help you meet your next trade show’s requirements!